Hempfield Farmer's & Sportsmen's Association
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The current "Membership Year" (term) begins April 1 and ends March 31 annually. Active Membership is limited to 200 persons and consists of Junior (ages 12-16 yrs), Adult (ages 17-64 yrs) and Senior (65 and up) catagories.
Life Member status may be granted with twenty (20) consecutive "good standing" years and age 60.
Current annual fees are $35.00 (Adult) and $23.00 (Junior & Senior). An additional fee of $5.00 is assessed for New Applicants and  delinquent Renewing Members (fees not paid before April 1 but remitted before May 1).
Those wishing to join must complete our application form (click below), be "sponsored" by a current Member and submit it with the appropriate fee (as noted on the form).
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