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Over the course of the past several years, Member participation in our annual "Work Day" has dwindled (only 8 hardy souls participated on April 9, 2016). Understanding that we are all constrained by hectic schedules, certain "maintenance tasks" are still needed on the Association Grounds (especially following the recent extensive excavation and relocation of some ranges).
Several suggestions have been "tossed about" to address these needs. One such is a set number of hours, per member, mandated annually to be included with membership. Another being, multiple "Work Day" events to offer more than one opportunity. The idea of "contracting out" was deemed too expensive and unsustainable without a substantial Annual Fee increase.
In an effort to solicit additional Member involvement in properly maintaining our facilities (with minimal disruption), we are asking those going to the "Grounds" to practice, exercise, scout or just for some solitude to help by removing limbs, sticks, rocks or any such debris from walkways, ranges, access roads and grassy/mowed areas or pick up "brass" and deposit it in the proper containers.  To inquire regarding any immediate needs or suggestions, please email below for tasks.
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Association General Rules and Range Rules have been adopted by the Membership in accordance with our Constitution, Mission and By-Laws for the safety and well being of members and neighbors. These directives are to be honored, without exception, by All (Members and/or Guests). Click on "Rules" below to review and familiarize yourself with these regulations.
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The Association is now offering this up-dated (new designe & larger) window decal (as seen to the left). Available for purchase by current Members, they measure 4" in diameter. Still selling for $3.00 each or two (2) for $5.00, they can be purchased at our Meetings. Supplies are limited. Click on "Decal Information" below to ask any questions. 
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The Association has adopted a policy regarding placement of a Tree Stand on "Club Grounds" for hunting.  As compliance is mandatory, Click on "Tree Stands" below to review the details.  The required waiver form can be found by clicking on "Waiver".  Print, complete and mail the form, each year, to the Association address (PO Box 285,  Manheim, PA 17545) before September 15th.
Tree Stands
To keep Members "up to date" regarding Association matters, accurate records (contact information) are vital. Report ANY change to your contact information ASAP by using our "Roster Update".
Complete and mail the "Update" to the address on the form.
Provide all requested information: Especially your current E-Mail Address (as E-Mail is the most rapid and efficient method of contact).
Click "Roster Update" below to view and print the form.
Members wishing to submit or update their E-Mail or needing assistance with any "Club" matter: Click on "Member E-Mail" below.
Remember to add your name to the message.
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Beginning with the Membership Year 2016-2017, most Members will receive their Membership Renewal Notice in an E-Mail attachment. Those without e-mail will receive the form by standard mail. The annnual Renewal Notice form is posted hereon and can be  found at the "Membership Renewal" link below.
Click on "Membership Renewal" to view and print the form.
Complete the Roster Update information (including decal order if desired). Detach and mail the Update, proper funds and a self-addressed envelope with a current stamp to the address on the form.
Members wishing to submit or update their E-Mail or needing assistance with any "Club" matter: Click on "Member E-Mail" below.
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After much consideration of the above requested Member in-put, interest and/or participation; it was decided to try holding an additional "Work Day" each year to provide some schedule flexibility.  These "Days" will be held annually on the second Saturday of April and September.

So, please mark your calendars early to avoid schedule conflicts.  Then, come out and join fellow Members in helping maintain our GREAT facility.
Great Accomplishment requires Great Participation !