Hempfield Farmer's & Sportsmen's Association
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Established April 6, 1939, in East and West Hempfield Townships of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: our founders united local farmers and sportsmen by fostering sound wildlife conservation practices; sensible, safe and respectful usage and promoting integrity, cooperation, and goodwill between both.
With the ever-changing demographics of these once rural / agricultural municipalities, the geographical focus shifted in 1964 to a less populated area above Mastersonville, PA (north of Manheim) in southern Lebanon County.
Adjoining State Game Lands # 145, 39+ (mostly forested) acres is now "home". If a practice area with beautiful scenery, uncluttered surroundings, limited access and an array of wildlife appeals to you; "Check Us Out". We may just be the right "fit" for you. 
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Our Mission
Advance conservation and proper management of wildlife, fish, forests and streams by fostering and exercising cooperation, goodwill and integrity among fellow sportsmen, property owners and Wildlife Resources Management and by promoting and practicing all elements of the safe and lawful use of any weapon or apparatus used for hunting, fishing or any type of "shooting" sport, especially focusing on firearm safety at ranges and afield.